Windows VPN Setup

Here is an instruction on how to connect to a VPN by using the VPN Client which is provided in the download link below.

On this instruction, every screen-shots are taken on Windows 10. Other versions of windows are similar to be configured, however, there might be minor differences on UIs.

These screen-shots are in English version of Windows. If you use other languages, you can still configure it easily by referring to the following instructions.

First, you will need to Download OnoVPN client for Windows.

Once downloaded, extract the Zip file.

Choose your location for the zip file or leave as selected (don’t copy the above location) and then press ‘Extract’.

Open the OnoVPN application as highlighted above.

Your Windows security will pop up, click ‘More info’ as highlighted in red.

Click ‘Run Anyway’, you may have another pop up from your anti virus software, click either ‘trust’ or ‘run anyway’.

The OnoVPN Connection Application will now load, you must leave the red highlighted section, but if you accidentally remove the secret key, it is; soft1234 (all lower case).

Next input your username, password and VPN IP address, which is supplied in your VPN Details page in ‘My Account’.

Ensure the ‘Kill Switch’ option is selected – this will stop the internet connection if the VPN drops out to ensure your real IP address will not get exposed.

The two other options ‘Keep Connected’ (the VPN connection will always stay active even if you try and disconnect) and ‘Windows Startup’ (the VPN connection and application will start when you turn on windows) these can be unchecked unless you prefer to use those options.

Once you have input your details, click save and navigate to the ‘home’ tab.

Click the connection button.

Check to see if the VPN connects.

You have now connected to the VPN.

Finally, check to see if your VPN IP address shows, you can search google for ‘IP Address’ or ‘My IP Address’, this should be done before using any other website every time you connect to the VPN.

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