Core features

Fast. Secure. Reliable.


Here at OnoVPN we believe in being able to search the web SECURELY and ANONYMOUSLY and that's why we have end to end encryption with ZERO logs so you can search the web without worrying of anyone looking at what your doing

Dedicated IP addresses for peace of mind

We have you covered. Unlike other VPN providers that put you on shared plans with thousands of other users using the same IP address, all our VPN plans are dedicated and you don't need to worry about the IP changing or receiving a blacklisted IP address. Better still, we don't charge you any extra or this as our all plans include a dedicated IP address as standard! This is ideal for sites like eBay, PayPal, Gmail etc

YOU choose the IP location

We have multiple IP locations around the world so you can choose where to have your dedicated IP address. Don't be limited to one country! This is ideal for those that need a fixed IP address in one location in case you travel. Sites like eBay, PayPal and Gmail can flag accounts that suddenly swap locations or appear to be logged in from a different county to which the account is being used.

Additional features

Use On Any Device At The Same Time