4 reasons why to choose OnoVPN

Secure & anonymous

Here at OnoVPN we believe in being able to search the web SECURELY and ANONYMOUSLY and that's why we have end to end encryption with ZERO logs

Perfect for all

OnoVPN dedicated IP plans are the best on the market to use on any website including Gmail, eBay, PayPal, Facebook any more more

YOU choose the IP location

With mutplie IP location around the world, you can choose where to have your dedicated IP address

Dedicated for peace of mind

We have you covered. Unlike other VPN providers that put you on shared plans with thousands of other users using the same IP address, all our VPN plans are dedicated and you don't need to worry about the IP changing or receiving a blacklisted IP address

Visit your favourite websites
like never before

Browse the web freely

Choose a VPN plan that fits you